26th July , Youth Service

Sunday 26th July. Evening Service. Tonight was a youth service
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Daily Bread

Sunday 26th July 2009. Morning service. Martin continued the series Living in the Present, speaking from Matthew 6:11. Click here to listen.

Daily Prayer

Sunday 19th July. Morning Service. Steve was preaching on the theme "Daily Prayer" from Mark 1:35.. click here to listen

How can you explain the christian message simply

Sunday 12th July. Evening service. Hannah Davis was preaching on the subject "How can you explain the Christian message simply" Click Here to listen

Sabbath Rest

Sunday 12th July morning service. Speaker: Martin Hodson Subject: Sabbath Rest Click here to listen

Stepping out

Sunday 5th July. Evening Service. Marrion White was preaching on the subject " Stepping out". Click here to listenLink

Opening the door for a miracle

Sunday 5th July.Morning Service. Rob white was preaching on the subject "Opening the door to a miracle" from Acts 4. Click here to listen

"Acts 4"

Sunday 28th June . Evening Service. Tonight we welcomed Phillip Kearney who was preaching on the subjects "Acts 4". click here to listen