Be Faithful

Sunday 29th June 2008. Morning Service. Martin continued the "How to Live" series and spoke from Matthew 5:27-32. Click here to listen.

Athens - Facing the Philosophers

22nd June 2008, evening service. Martin was continuing the "On a Mission" series speaking from Acts 17:16-34. Click here to listen.

A Pioneer Attitude

Sunday 15th June 2008. Evening service. Martin was speaking from Acts Acts 17:1-15. Click here to listen.

Great Commission

Jonathan Morton was sharing news of his work in Mexico and of the great commission we are all obliged to untertake. Click here to listen

Living with Attitude

Sunday 1st June 2008. Morning Service. Martin began a new series of sermons on the theme How to Live. This morning's was based on Matthew 5:1-12. Click here to listen.