Relationships in Familys

Sunday 25th May 08. Evening Service. Andy Kench spoke at I Life on the theme of relationships in familys. Click here to listen

Re-Writing the Script

Sunday 25th May 2008.Martin was preaching from Genesis 33 v 1-20 Click here to listen

"All Night Long"

Sunday 18th May 2008. Morning service, Martin was speaking from Genesis 32:1-32. Click here to listen

How do we live in the shadow of the future?

Sunday 4th May 2008. Evening service. Martin continued the series "After this life". Click here to listen.

We are family

Sunday 4th May 2008. Morning service. Simon was speaking about the life of Jacob from Genesis 29:1-30. Click here to listen.

Stairway to heaven

Sunday 27th April 2008. Morning service. Martin was continuing the series on the life of Jacob, speaking from Genesis 28:10-22. Click here to listen.