The road to Emmaus

Sunday 30th March 2008. Evening service. Mark Litten spoke about the road to Emmaus. Click here to listen

What's in a Name?

Sunday 30th March 2008. Morning Service. Simon spoke from John 20 v19-31. Click here to listen.

What the Resurrection means to me

Sunday 23rd March 2008. Evening iLife service. James Anderson was speaking. Click here to listen.

King on a donkey

Sunday 16th March 2008, evening combined HEBA service. Martin was speaking about Jesus's arrival in Jerusalem. Click here to listen

Worcester CASH

Sunday 2nd March 2008. Evening service. Pete Chudleigh of Worcester CASH spoke. Click here to listen.

Are you on the rollercoaster?

Sunday 9th March 2008. Evening service. Steve spoke from Mark 2:1-12. Click here to listen.

Reconciled to God

Sunday 9th March 2008. Morning service. Simon spoke from 2 Corinthians 5:16-21. Click here to listen.

One sacrifice for all time

Sunday 2nd March 2008. Morning service. Martin spoke from Hebrews 10:11-14. Click here to listen.


Sunday 24th February 2008. Morning service. Martin spoke on the subject of our finances and giving. Click here to listen.