What would Jesus say to Amy Winehouse?

iLife youth service on Sunday the 24th February, 2008. Steve talks about what Jesus would say to Amy Winehouse, talking about the story of the prodigal son. Click here to listen.

Word of life

Sunday 10th February 2008. Evening Service. Colin Dean from Word of Life speaks on what they are doing in our City. Click here to listen.

How Deep are Your Foundations?

Sunday 10th February 2008, morning service. Simon Harry spoke from Luke 6:46-49 - "How Deep are Your Foundations?" . Click here to listen.

Worcester City Mission

Sunday 3rd February 2008 Evening Service. Trevor Gibb spoke about his work at Worcester City Mission. Click here to listen

Is God Too Deep to Understand?

Sunday 3rd February 2008, Martin preached from Romans 11:33-36, on the theme ‘Is God Too Deep to Understand?’. Click here to listen