Don't give up on... freedom

Sunday 29th April 2007. Evening service. Simon preached from Colossians 2:6-9 and 2:16-23 on the subject "Don't give up on... freedom". Click here to listen.

Have you discovered Jesus?

Sunday 29th April 2007. Morning service. Continuing the series on the life of Peter, Martin preached from Mark 8: 27-33. Click here to listen.

The resurrection and call of Jesus

Sunday 22nd April 2007. Evening service. We were delighted to have Luke Seamon with us this weekend from our partner church in Osijek, Croatia. Click here to listen

Can you start again?

Sunday 22nd April 2007. Morning service. Martin began a new series on the life of St Peter to begin our new church life in St Peter's, speaking from John 21:1-19. Click here to listen.

Building principles for God's church

Saturday 22nd April 2007. At the opening service for our new church centre we welcomed visitors and old friends from all over the country. David Coffey, President of the Baptist World Alliance was our speaker. Click here to listen.

Taste and see that God is good

Sunday 15th April 2007. Evening service. Steve Thomson preached from Luke 5 on the theme "Taste and see that God is good". And we ate honey. Click here to listen (bring your own honey!!)

The substantial Jesus

Sunday 15th April 2007. Morning service. Simon Harry preached on "The substantial Jesus". Click here to listen.

This stone will be a witness

Sunday April 8th 2007. Evening service. Martin was preaching from Joshua 21:1-28 on the theme of "This Stone Will Be a Witness". Click here to listen.

The curtain torn in two

Sunday April 8th 2007. Morning service. At our Easter Sunday morning service we celebrated as three people were baptised, the first baptisms in our new church centre. Martin Hodson spoke on the theme of the curtain being torn in two. Click here to listen.

What sort of temple is God looking for?

Sunday 1st April 2007. Morning service. Today was the first morning service in the new St Peter's Baptist Church Centre. Our minister, Martin Hodson, was speaking from Mark 11:12-26. Click here to listen.